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Kamagra is a drug for treating ED. Its manufacturer is a large Indian company Ajanta Pharma located in Mumbai. The main benefit of Kamagra is that you can buy it on the Internet and often without a prescription. Many find it very convenient.

Moreover, the drug’s price is much lower than that of Viagra. Both drugs contain the same active ingredient, Sildenafil citrate.

There are two forms of Kamagra: tablets and jelly. Jelly works faster. As a whole, the drug is safe enough if you follow the dosage and the instructions. If you need more safety guarantees, you can choose a Sildenafil-containing alternative with well-known ingredients. All drugs containing Sildenafil are officially approved for the treatment of ED.

The main potential danger is the availability of the drug: you can buy it without a prescription. It increases the likelihood that you can choose the dosage for yourself. As a result, there is a risk of serious side effects, which can negatively affect your health.

What is better: Cialis or Kamagra

One of the alternatives is the licensed drug Cialis. It also belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitors and works by improving blood flow to the penis. What to choose, Kamagra or Cialis? Compare the main characteristics of these drugs.

Active ingredientSildenafil citrateSildenafil citrate
GroupPDE-5 inhibitorsPDE-5 inhibitors
Action time
  • 15–45 minutes
  • 30–60 minutes (tablets)
  • From 15 minutes (jelly)
Effect durationUp to 36 hours3–4 hours

Considering that the price of Cialis is quite acceptable, you should choose a proven and legal drug with guaranteed effectiveness.

Differences between Silagra and Kamagra

Instead of Kamagra, you can take Silagra tablets, which are also available by prescription and have guaranteed effectiveness. These two drugs are very similar:

Active substanceSildenafil citrateSildenafil citrate
GroupPDE-5 inhibitorsPDE-5 inhibitors
Action time
  • 30–60 minutes
  • 30–60 minutes (tablets)
  • From 15 minutes (jelly)
Effect duration3–4 hours3–4 hours

As you can see, Silagra has a similar effect and may well replace Kamagra. At the same time, you can be sure of drug safety.


Kamagra is one of many ED drugs working similarly to other PDE-5 inhibitors. Its availability makes the drug popular among men with ED. But the absence of a license increases the risk of buying a fake and getting new health problems. Because of this, it is wiser to choose one of the proven, legal alternative drugs that have a similar and even higher effectiveness.

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