How to Spot Fake Kamagra: Main Signs of Fake Drugs

how to spot fake kamagra
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 – Updated February 2, 2023
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Kamagra may be a good option if you need a reliable drug to improve your sex life.

However, be attentive and cautious! You can buy fake Kamagra, which can not only not give the desired effect, but also do more harm than good.

Here are the main signs of a fake product:

  • It is too expensive;
  • It is too cheap;
  • You cannot find it in drugstores;
  • Its design differs from that of the original product;
  • It contains questionable ingredients.

Discuss these points in more detail.

Kamagra original vs fake

First, Ajanta Pharma Ltd. manufactures the original drug at its plant in Paytane, Maharashtra, India. A fake can be made in an unknown laboratory. In addition, the manufacturer may differ on the box and the instructions of a fake drug.

The medicines with the same name may contain different ingredients.
Another fundamental difference is that the original Kamagra is usually available as tablets with the letter S. A fake may not have this letter or even be known as a powder or liquid.

If you carefully examine the box of the original Kamagra and a fake drug, you can see the following:

  • The original product package has a holographic sticker with the name of the manufacturer, and you will not find it on the box of a fake drug;
  • In the case of the original drug, the Kamagra logo (in the form of a golden heart) is embossed, which you can feel to the touch. It’s just printed if it is a fake drug;
  • You can find the product’s name and the Ajanta logo on the blister with the original tablets. You will find nothing on the blister with fake pills;
  • On the blister with the original tablets, there is also a hologram and the production date and expiration date. The blister with counterfeit pills may not have these elements.

Most often, you can face fakes when buying online. Also, do not buy Kamagra from street vendors (this may be the case in the countries where this medicine is not approved for sale in pharmacies).

You can also find a fake Kamagra jelly.


Kamagra is a popular remedy for erectile dysfunction. Like with other similar drugs, you can find many fakes. Buy these medicines from trusted suppliers.

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