Does Kamagra Work for Females, and Should You Use It

does kamagra work for females
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 – Updated January 26, 2023
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Kamagra has got popular among men with erection problems. The availability and effectiveness of the drug make it attractive, but it remains a “male” medicine. Does Kamagra work for females just like it does for males?

The manufacturer guarantees the safety of the medication for men but does not recommend using Kamagra for women, although it contains Sildenafil. This active substance has shown some efficacy in improving the quality of sexual arousal and orgasm for women after menopause and hysterectomy. According to a study, sexual sensations become much brighter in such women.

Most often, problems in a woman’s sexual life arise from a lack of desire, which, in turn, can be due to many reasons, including difficult relationships with a partner or stress. That is, psychological problems come first, and not circulatory disorders in the genital organs, as happens in men in the case of ED.

Sexual dysfunction in women and Kamagra

Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Kamagra, works at a physiological level, which can be helpful in some cases, for example, with vascular damage due to diabetes. But for most women, the drug will not help improve their sexual life.

Moreover, increased blood flow in the genitals can provoke discomfort and reduce libido without desire. Today, no evidence improving the blood supply to the genitals will help cope with sexual dysfunction in women. Taking Kamagra, a woman will not get the desired effect, but she may experience the full range of side effects.

So, should women take Kamagra? If problems with sex are associated with inadequate blood supply, then taking the drug may be justified. But before that, you need to consult a doctor, and it is better to choose medicines created specifically for women. However, in most cases, Kamagra can be ineffective and even dangerous due to possible side effects. Treatment of female sexual disorders requires a deeper and more integrated approach.


They created Kamagra to treat erectile dysfunction in men, and it is not recommended for women. Despite evidence of the ability of Sildenafil to improve blood flow in the genitals, which in some cases leads to more intense sexual sensations, in most cases, the drug may be ineffective.

Sexual disorders in men and women have different reasons. Most often, female sexual disorders are due to psychological problems, the elimination of which leads to improvement in this area. Drugs like Kamagra will not solve these problems, and their use’s potential side effects can adversely affect women’s health.

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