Does Kamagra Make You Last Longer?

does kamagra make you last longer
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 – Updated October 12, 2022
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A Kamagra 100 mg tablet or Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg sachet begins to work about 20 minutes to 1 hour after taking. This time may be longer depending on your body and how much you eat before taking the drug.

The average effect duration of one tablet or sachet of jelly is 4–6 hours; during this time, the drug’s effectiveness gradually decreases.

At the same time, remember that Kamagra is a medicine for erectile dysfunction, but not premature ejaculation. The drug will help you maintain an erection if it is unstable. But it cannot prevent early ejaculation.

How to make the pleasure longer?

However, after you achieve a stable erection, you can use other means to increase ejaculation time. For example, these can be the means to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. They include:

  • Thick condoms;
  • Creams causing slight numbing.

Also, you should keep in mind that Sildenafil (the active ingredient of Kamagra) can shorten the refractory period (time between erections).

According to a study published in 2003, 40% of the men involved reported a reduced average time between erections. It decreased from 14.9 to 5.5 minutes, that is, by 9.4 minutes or almost three times.

That is, during the duration of the drug, a man can ejaculate not one but two or more times and, accordingly, spend more time in bed having sex.


Kamagra will help you spend more time in bed. But this is not because it fights premature ejaculation. The drug does not have such an effect.

The medicine will help in two ways:

  • It will give you a long-lasting erection, and you can use penis desensitisers (thick condoms or numbing creams) to delay ejaculation;
  • It will shorten the refractory period, and you may experience more erections after taking one pill.
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